Pistachio Butter

I had two going on three recipe fails this past weekend.  Thats too many for my book.  At least in one weekend.

I’m sort of a little bit of a perfectionist/control freak (okay, a lot bit) in certain areas of my life.  Its a weird thing I have going on here.

Baking is definitely one of them.  Actually just being in the kitchen in general.  It’s hard for me to let people help because I get all control freaky about things.  This also happens when Josiah (my BF) tries to eat my food.  I’m very particular about the food I buy.  I get possessive because I like to have exactly two slices of bread each day so that there aren’t any straggler pieces at the end of the loaf.  Same with eggs.

I realize I’m sort of ridiculous, and you must realize that that is just the tip of the iceberg.  My crazy brain has a lot more going on in it than that.  But to every side of my perfectionism there is an opposing force of shear laziness.

Take for instance the pile of laundry that has been sitting in my room for a good week or so.  I just put it on my couch and dig through the pile for what I need.  Wrinkled and all.  Luckily, I’ve mostly just been wearing workout clothes recently so an iron is unnecessary.

I win.

Anyways, back to my kitchen failures.

I was getting frustrated but was determined to make the recipe work.  So the third time through things were looking promising.  And then they weren’t.

Defeated and deflated (thats totally overdramatic) I remembered the bag of pistachios I had in my freezer.

I needed a success.  Just one for the day.  So I switched gears and got out my food processor.Pistachio butter was a success.

These jewels of a nut are one of my favorites.  I love the bright green color and unique flavor that each one has to offer.  Ground up with a little honey, salt, and hot water pistachios make a beautiful butter.

The texture is quite different from almond or peanut butter having a fluffiness that reminds me of the whipped butter that they serve at buffets for old people.  I kind of dig it.  Slight hints of honey compliment the pistachios and add a touch of sweetness.  Its delicious on a slice of toasted bread.   Mixed it into a smoothie.  Or eaten it right from the jar.  Thats totally allowed in my kitchen.

As long as I’m the one doing it.

Pistachio Butter

Recipe slightly adapted from Heidi Swanson


  • 2 cups shelled pistachios
  • 2 Tbsp Honey (more if you want it sweeter)
  • a pinch of salt or to taste
  • 1/2 – 3/4 cup hot water


Place pistachios and 1/2 cup of hot water in a food processor.  Grind until pistachios and water turn into a thick paste.  If you want a thinner butter add more water a little bit at a time until it reaches the desired consistency, blending well between each addition.  Blend in honey and salt.  Transfer butter to an airtight container and store in refrigerator.  Makes about 2 cups.

~I found shelled pistachios at Trader Joe’s.  This was a life saver because it kept me from shelling pistachios for hours.  If you decide to go the route of shelling your own out of desire or necessity, Heidi has instructions for blanching and skinning on her site.  Just click the link above!


4 thoughts on “Pistachio Butter

  1. Have some ready when I get there. I honestly think you need to consider a recovery program for your possessiveness with food! (Just kidding of course!)

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